Just watched chalet girl for the first time in so long let the unrealistic romcoms keep rolling

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You know you love Ed Westwick

13 Times Ed Westwick Was Wickedly Handsome

DUDE once mum and I were driving (before my obsession with GG, back when my mum watched, it ages ago) and I saw a guy in a car drive into a parking lot next to us who looked EXACTLY LIKE ED WESTWICK

Ed Westwich / We've all been bassed . Chuck bass.

Ed Westwick, aka Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. Epitome of total male gorgeousness.

ed westwick as chuck bass in gossip girl- DEAR GOD>>> ITS JOHNNY DEPP AND ROB PATTINSONS BABY!!!!! I LOVE HIM! I'll always re-pin wherever I see this.. *lovey dovey eyes*

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Ed Westwick. hello gorgeous.

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