Elizabethan costume.

Elizabethan, Tudor style royal, regal gold, red fabric, large stand up collar with pearls and nice feather fan.

Farthingales Corset and Costume Making Tips

Reproduction Elizabethan garment with Wire Ruff - I love how this shows the undergarments together with the outer garments!

The Detailing Is Absolutely Stunning

Ruffs were made in different styles and sizes, but for this particular one a frame called "supportase" was used as a frame to achieve this dramatic look. Queen Elizabeth I was an icon for this particular piece.

E:TGA Queen Elizabeth's silver gown

Top Ten Gray Movie Dress

Queen Elizabeth I (Cate Blanchett) 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' Costume designed by Alexandra Byrne. Love how the beading is employed on this dress and the ruff here is my favorite of the day.

Dresses that belonged to Queen Elizabeth I | dress above is quite recognisable as something that Queen Elizabeth ...

After our visit to the Roman baths , we didn't have a lot of time for the fashion museum nearby, which was terribly sad, but we did spend a .