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Elizabethan Hairstyle was never a simple thing though. Any of the popular hairstyles you saw on women were very detailed. They were rarely just straight and normal as you might see on many women today.

Tudor and Elizabethan rings from National Portrait Gallery

Some Tudor and Elizabethan era rings in a portrait from the National Portrait Gallery, for Guy Fawkes (bonfire day).

Elizabeth I by an Unknown Artist, c.1585. Own your own smock from this iconic painting through Designs From Time. Elizabethan era: 1558-1603

Elizabeth I by an Unknown Artist, (Elizabethan Club of Yale) - my new FAVORITE portrait of Good Queen Bess

Elizabeth the first.  Tudor queen of England and Ireland, nicknamed 'Gloriana' and the 'Virgin Queen' who overcame many challenges and threats at home and from abroad to preside over a perceived 'golden age' in English history.

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The Darnley portrait done in 1575 by an unknown artist. Elizabeth at her serene and regal best, utterly confident and imposing in her clothes, her demeanor and her bearing. By an unknown artist.

Tudor Era Hairdos  Excerpt: During the early Tudor period the hair of women was covered by the elaborate headdresses. During the Elizabethan era this changed when the fashion for ruffs became far more elaborate and increased in size which was balanced by more delicate head wear and set off by hair which was swept away from the face as can be seen in the above picture of Queen Elizabeth I. Follow the link to lean more about Tudor Era hairstyles.

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Elizabethan ruff on pearl decorated supportasse.  Made by Angela Mombers.

Costume Details: Elizabethan ruff on pearl decorated supportasse. Made by Angela Mombers

Describe the role of marriage in Elizabethan England. What are some of the reasons one would marry? How does status influence the potential to marry?

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Men's breeches (Elizabethan Era): fafd2674a0e072be279ff0f0b80d946e.jpg (236×467)

Sewing Pattern - Medieval and Renaissance Paned Slops and Breeches Pattern; Multisized waist Paned Slops and Breeches Pattern, Multisized waist.