OUAT ~ Never has Killian's doubt of Emma's love ever stopped him from loving her. He was always surprised and overjoyed to find out she loved him as much as he loved her.

He acts strong and confident but sometimes he needs reassurance that Emma loves him. I'm so glad that she's getting better about that now.

19 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up How You Feel About La La Land ryan gosling x emma stone crazy stupid love

Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling- enjoying the hell out of both of these young actors work lately. Zombieland and Crazy, Stupid Love.

First Love- You always have to have a fthat's so strong, you never wanna lose it. But when you do it's tragic. Her Truest Love- A love so rare and so powerful, not many find it. For it is the most beautiful, most powerful, the most strong. It can never be replaced. <----- previous pinner, but I loved what she said #onceuponatime #ouat

Can't believe this is real

Once Upon A Time. Emma and her love interests. Neal and Swanfire, August. Graham and Gremma. Captain Hook and Captain Swan

comment choisir un chapeau noir béret casquette noir fille avec cheveux longs marrons Emma Watson

La beauté du béret femme pendant les années - 50 photos

Romola Garai, Emma Woodhouse - Emma directed by Jim O'Hanlon (TV Mini-Series, 2009) #janeausten Series Costume Design by Rosalind Ebbutt

Romola Garai, Emma Woodhouse - Emma directed by Jim O'Hanlon (TV Mini-Series, Series Costume Design by Rosalind Ebbutt

Emma Stone is one of the prettiest actresses ever. She always looks so cheerful and elegant!

Top 26 Emma Stone Hairstyles

Oscar de la Renta - Emma loves wearing pants on the red carpet (see: Met Gala 2016, Golden Globes 2014, and so on) so this Oscar de la Renta look suited her perfectly.

You Have To See Emma Watson's Real-Life Belle Moment

Emma Watson wears Oscar de la Renta at the Beauty and the Beast Press Screening in Paris (February