She's still 20x more beautiful than me when she's growling :'(

29 Reasons Emma Watson Is The Light Of Every Human's Life

Look in that camera right there and make a dangerous face like a fluffy bunny rabbit!

Emma Watson comments on her hair in HP1

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Oh Emma Watson. I absolutely love her. And equally despised both her character and her hair in the first Harry Potter movie.

Emma Watson interview

i mean, who doesnt want to be a mattress? *She meant actress but couldn't pronounce it yet*

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint's reaction to kissing each other on screen. Harry Potter. Hilarious.

Funny pictures about Sharing an on screen kiss. Oh, and cool pics about Sharing an on screen kiss. Also, Sharing an on screen kiss.

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Filming the kiss between Ron and Hermione. Lol I like how Hermione is telling Harry you can't be there when I kiss Ron! He's just like like well everyone saw me kiss Ginny!

The Luckiest Man On Earth

The Luckiest Man On Earth

I wanna be dis man and jus scream "katniss and hermione my good friends"luckiest man on earth emma and jen

Emma Watson showing all film stars and celebrities are human like the rest of us!

Oh, Emma Watson…