Party makeup Tutorial for Brown or Black eyes

super black solid Eyeliner tutorial, rock'n'roll make-up look that is easy and great for evenings out <---- Mostly just pinning for the fact that she used glittery black eye shadow to keep it from smudging all over her face.

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How to Clean a Dull Silhouette Blade

Beautiful eyeshadow:)

20 Easy Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

Metallic blue/navy blue smokey eyes -- i dont usually like blue eyeshadow but this is pretty :) I'd like to try it in green This should be good for prom :) Be.tiful,Beauty/Hair,Eye Makeup,Favorite Faces,make up

Black & purple emo lips - makeup lipstick tutorial (:

10 Useful Makeup Tips You Should Know

Nice eye makeup may be a little heavy for some people

20 Ombre Makeup Tutorials

Simple Emo Makeup Tutorial | Aly AngelGore

Simple Emo Makeup Tutorial | Aly AngelGore

This isn't all about music but it has song references and a lot of bands mentioned through out it. I think this was made for me though haha

These images that served as your makeup tutorials in the '00s:

Harley Quinn makeup  eyeshadow tutorial

I did this sorta today but instead of lack eyeliner I used red to contrast the black and black to contrast the red I also left out the pointed bottom and blended out the top

How to Do Edgy Makeup for Blue Eyes | Easy Makeup by Makeup Tutorials at

For Blue Eyes For Striking, Beautiful Looks

Grunge Makeup Tutorial for Blue Eyes I may try this I have brown eyes though and yeah brown eyes suck man 👎🏻

Do you ever get really bored of your makeup routine and just feel the urge to try something new? Maybe you mastered the cat-eye liner look a long time ago, and

18 Unique And Fun Eyeliner Tutorials You Need To Try

If you want to shake up your makeup routine and try something new, check out these 18 unique and fun eyeliner tutorials to add to your beauty routine.

Different #eyeliner looks #makeup #tutorial

Is the winged eyeliner easy to do?

Doing a perfect cat eye can be difficult. But with some practice you can do some amazing styles. Personally my fav is using a liquid eye liner pen instead of a brush just because you have more controll. Which of these styles do you like best

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