Sharing this 'I Feel' - Emotional Word Wheel - by Imgur.  Sometimes it helps to get clear on what the REAL emotion is.

'I Feel' - Emotional Word Wheel

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Other ways to say …

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The Only Back-To-School Cheat Sheet You'll Ever Need | The Odyssey

The Only Back-To-School Cheat Sheet You'll Ever Need

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Great article for writers: content marketing emotion words

Common words that suck emotional power out of your content

Amazing Contrast of Intellectual vs Emotional Words. Use of emotional words in persuasive writing, and use of intellectual terms in business.

Great for putting words to feelings for kids, writers, conflict resolution, self-awareness etc. Sheet-for-Emotions

Learning How to Identify Emotions at All Ages

Great chart of actions that show characters' feelings. #writing tips  (Sometimes we need an elementary school chart to bring us back to the basics)

writing, narrative writing, Good anchor chart for descriptions for feelings. Great to emphasize for narrative writing and making interesting word choices. Perfect for teaching Show, Not Tell.

How To Write Emotional Headlines  So, how should you go about writing more emotional headlines?  Start by understanding what constitutes as emotional. Copywriter Karl Stepp offers a great list of highly emotional words that he calls “power words for emotional selling.” As a handy guide,  I have converted them to this handy tear-sheet that you can download right here.

How to Write Emotional Headlines to Get More Shares - CoSchedule

Write Emotional Headlines with these power words; Awesome list for creating effective headlines for your posts.

This wheel of emotion words could be a useful resource for your Literacy lessons. Being helpful on Tumblr. by on @DeviantArt

did-you-kno: “ English teacher Kaitlin Robbs created a vocabulary wheel that helps narrow down the exact word that best describes your feelings.

Unexplainable emotion - Imgur This is just a fun, needed break from your writing. It will give you a smile.

Unexplainable emotion

Unexplainable emotion-- I'm guessing these are all from the 'dictionary of obscure sorrows'. I only knew sonder from here and that's how I guessed.