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Ketten mit Strohhalme basteln. Für Jungs und Mädchen!
Laney Girls Name

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Baby girl's name Eleri. A river in Wales, increasingly popular in English-speaking countries. 'A lonely place and little detracts from the wild splendour of the open mountain and moorland that stretches as far as the eye can see...a place of great significance both in legend and its importance as the source of great rivers.' "The wind like harps singing/Of times that have gone/And Eleri’s waters flowing/Through the mists of the glen." JJ Williams
Baby Girl Name: Jovie. Meaning: Happy; Cheerful; Jovial. Origin: English.
Unique Names For Your Baby Girl: Shared here are a few simple tips and tricks to find unique names for girls. Finding a name is one of the toughest jobs, after you have held your little bundle of joy.

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Girl Name: Ellie. Meaning: Light. Origin: Greek; German; English.