English White Terrier

The English white terrier. The "mother" of the original Olde Boston Bulldogge.

English White Terrier - now extinct

Like many breeds the APBT came about by mixing other breeds. These breeds included bulldogs and terriers.

I'll take one of each :) #bull #terrier #colors

Bull Terrier colours - Katy was Brindle and White. Daisy was Red and White. I miss my Bullies :'( - razza cane 🐕 varietà colori pelo☆_

The "Rat Terrier". This breed is often referred to as “le meilleur chien de maison” (best house dog). The description could fit most of our dogs, but some breeds are more family oriented than others, and the Rat Terrier is one of them. Nineteenth century immigrants crossed Fox Terriers with other terriers that included the Manchester Terrier, Bull Terrier and Old English White Terrier – and later, more crosses with the Toy Fox Terrier, Beagle,Whippe...

The “Rattie:” Family Loving Dog, links to article about the geneology and attributes of ratties :)