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Three decorated Afar women from Tajourah. Somalia by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher ~ African Ark: Peoples of the Horn, 1990

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inspired cornrows so beautiful! I have really beautiful long Dreadlocks but I had to pin this I've always wanted my hair braided like Thelma on [Good Times]

Kibbeh | Ethiopian hair butter

Ethiopian Hair Butter is a natural African hair care traditional hair and scalp nourishing hair butter product that has been use for centuries.

Ethiopian Traditional Braids and Henna for the Melse!

5 Goddess Braids Tutorials You Have to See

Fusion Eritrean Wedding in Minneapolis with Peacock Theme by Lace Hanky Photography: Feven + Petros - Munaluchi Bridal Magazine

(20) የፀጉር ቅቤ አሰራር  Ethiopian Hair Butter!!! - YouTube

(20) የፀጉር ቅቤ አሰራር Ethiopian Hair Butter!!! - YouTube

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So you are tired of the regular box braid or Ghana braids? Try the Ethiopian braids. These braids totally transform your appearance giving you an unadulterated look, and guess what?