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Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes Layered Cut - Eva Mendes' thick hair looked full of life with this textured layered cut.

Eva Mendes - beautiful curls and a great smile to match

Eva Mendes this is my most favourite hair colour with subtle highlights.

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Hair color and style

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Hair Envy

Eva Mendes' hair color and layers

eva mendes

Famous fans: Youthful Eva Mendes and Cate Blanchett are said to be big fans of Dr Perricone's diet

I love everything about this, the color, highlights and the styling. Great everyday look.

Eva Mendes

I absolutely love the way this long bang is styled!

Eva Mendes

Love her makeup! Brows are perfect! Hair Color and Highlights--Eva Mendez

Eva Mendes Print Sunglasses

Eva Mendes Print Sunglasses

Eva Mendes hair and elegant highlights

gorgeous hair color

Gorgeous makes me wanna die my hair

Eva Mendes in 2 fast 2 furious [2003]

Eva Mendes in 2 Fast 2 Furious

Eva Mendes' Half-Updo: , Best Hot-Date Hair

Best Hot-Date Hair

Eva Mendes hairstyle inspiration: half-up do.

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Eva Mendes cut and color

this length may be just about right Eva Mendes in Italy (17 pics)

Medium length hair, warm color, great highlights // Eva Mendes in Italy pics)

Eva Mendes (1974) (The Women, Last night, Hitch, Stuck on you,

Eva Mendes hairstyle inspiration: updos and ponytails, on screen and off duty.

/Eva-Mendes love her hair

I love everything about Eva Mendes' Highlighted Hairstyle