An Interesting Infographic on The Differences between...

An Interesting Infographic on The Differences between Summative and Formative Assessment (Educational Technology and Mobile Learning)

This is a great site with technology lesson plans for elementary school children from very simple activities for kindergarten age through quite advanced lessons for 5th grade. There are activities for word processing, spreadsheets and graphing, powerpoint presentations, graphic arts, multimedia, internet research and more. ~Homeschool Freebie of the Day

Computer Lab Lesson Plans Good source for concrete tech lesson plans - I would have to adjust to macs, but there are ipad lessons too.

baby nest free sewing pattern and tutorial

Baby nest free sewing pattern & tutorial

Baby Nest Tutorial Baby nests have become very popular nowadays (at least in Sweden) and pretty much all parents either buy one or make one themselves. It’s a fun and easy project that everyone can make!

Clubpenguin Secret Code - Cheat Sheet of letters by, via Flickr

Designer: N/A (sort of) Found in: Club penguin code I just remembered this little cheat sheet to secret codes, and thought I'd share it.

My dream home will have a koi pond or water fixture of some sort, hopefully one I design. I like the xeriscaping around this one--less lawn to water and mow! I'm kinda tired of my big grassy backyard already.

Build a Koi Fish Pond

How to Build a Koi Fish Pond. Koi and other goldfish can grow very large, sometimes reaching lengths of over ! They're best housed in large ponds with a TON of filtration and weekly water changes. With the right size pond, filter and other.

seperating colours excellent fine motor control activity

youpi mercredi #16 : le tri de graines

Great list of classroom award ideas and free award certificate templates in this post!

Classroom Awards Make Kids Feel Special!

Classroom Awards Tips and Freebies! Most schools have some sort of award program at the end of the year to recognize students for achiev.