Family always comes first. Picture Quotes.

I love seeing my friends, bit I will never put the needs of a friend above that of my family again!

Families stick together. Families care. Families help. They nourish your spirit. Families are forever. Family over everything... Or at least that's how it should be.

Families stick together. They nourish your spirit. Families are forever. Family over everything. Treat ALL family with the same love.

Family Over Everything. A reminder that family should always come first! #family #StrongMomBlog (scheduled via

Even with all our family drama I wouldn't have gotten a better group of people to call my family! We all have our demons but we never turn our backs ❤❤❤

Family tattoos are special and significant, especially when they commemorate the birth or death of someone important. This is because tattoos about family represent love, unity, loyalty and respect. Some of our favorite family tattoo ideas and designs include the quotes “Family First”, “Family Is Forever” or “Family Over Everything” and symbols such as a lion pride, anchor, compass, kid’s handprint, or heart. Ultimately, there are many cool family tattoos for men – you just have to find a…

31 Family Tattoos For Men

Family tattoos for men carry a special significance and mean something different to every person. Get inspired by a large gallery of tattoo pictures!

Family Wall Quotes found on Polyvore

Busy lives sometimes mean that our families are spread in many different directions. From the time the kids are little, quotes on the wall proclaiming the need…