Day 16 ~ Favorite Classic ~ Fantasia {It's so whimsical and I love how they incorporated the music. I count about the first 10 movies as "classics"}

Fantasia (1940)

"Winter Magic" The Frost Fairies taken from "Fantasia," 1940,

Silver K Gallery - Disney Limited Editions. "Winter Magic" The Frost Fairies From Fantasia


10 Classic Films Your Kids Must Watch

Say “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and everyone immediately imagines robed Mickey Mouse accidentally unleashing magical power.

HEAVEN! Walt Disney's 1940 classic Fantasia.. Pastoral Symphony

Two beautiful pieces of concept art for Fantasia Gardens, a never-built boat ride that was to be included in Animal Kingdom’s never-built land, Beastly Kingdom.

Day 16~ favorite classic fantasia. Some people hate this movie but it's just so me cuz of my musical life

"Fantasia", the animated movie by Disney in 1940 that turned the movie industry (and particularly soundtracks) on its head. Life is full of magical opportunities.