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Leheath Stronghold: This walled castle has white stone walls, and a round keep with a massive central fireplace. The lady of the castle is a woman named Gythiua. The castle courtyards are filled with fruit trees and gardens.

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Wizard's Tower by *NM-art on deviantART>> Kingdom of Elves. Could be isolated from the mountain ranges around the kingdom, also probably more overgrown. The tower looks like the swirl of a unicorn's horn

Keep of the Thousand Falls, Stephen Najarian on ArtStation at

Water Dragon above water castle (perhaps for a certain season or part of the complete palace?) Keep of the Thousand Falls, Stephen Najarian on ArtStation

2D Art: Lightbringer - 2D Digital, FantasyCoolvibe – Digital Art

medieval castle, fortress, light tower with bridges in the dark night orc design concept art environment design by Jesse van Dijk Lightbringer, digital inspiration for graphic designers concept artists matte painters

Castle of The Warrior Priests by sirinkman by SirInkman

done in PS I was contracted by Drop Dead Studios to produce a series of maps for their upcoming Wizard Academy adventure module for Pathfinder. It was a number of full and half page maps of the aca.

fantasy Castle by ~peterconcept on deviantART

Incorporate a waterfall tower into the waterfall castle. Rivers/aqueducts could flow throughout the palace rooms, bringing fresh water and transporting out refuse/used water.