Keth - Elven City. The waterfalls in the tree branches are an amazing touch!

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Keep of the Thousand Falls, Stephen Najarian on ArtStation at

Water Dragon above water castle (perhaps for a certain season or part of the complete palace?) Keep of the Thousand Falls, Stephen Najarian on ArtStation

Mode und Möbel Design treffen sie sich in der Phantasie

El pantano de las montañas sagradas. Se encuentra en las zonas más bajas de las montañas, donde el río que las recorre se vuelve fangoso. En el pantano vive otra tribu enfrentada con las que viven en las zonas más altas.

Love this magical elf forrest city with a huge river running through it Artist: Maxime BiBi Artist's Title: Forest Palace


There are holy places everywhere.whether you choose to acknowledge them or not has no bearing on what they are, in their deepest heart. by munashichi Worldbuilding & Lanscapes

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Tree city 【情報】介面/場景/人物立繪 等等 哈啦板 - 巴哈姆特 [Inteligencia] soporte de interfaz / escena / personaje pintado de todo tipo de material original, etc.

verträumter Wald ... Fluss ... Sonne durch Bäume ... Märchenwald

Order = Even though it's a fantasy world it's based on the natural world - a place that has been untouched by man - which suggests that it is order. Disorder = since its a fantasy world that doesn't e (Beauty Art)

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Ancient Script Reveals Mysterious Location Of Legendary Hanging Garden Of Babylon ----- I would definitely leave the face of Earth for this

Ooh this is cool because it kind of is how the Orazi House could work. Old architecture meets futuristic conventions [[join us]]

Digital Painting / Concept Art / Landscape / Castle / SciFi / Science Fiction / Other Planet / Future / Surreal / Mystic / Fantasy //♥

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like the "decay" of nature encroaching although the buildings still look clean. recently deserted?