To the one who woke up and her heart still feels heavy- She thought her…

I know most will assume this is a quote about a relationship.but for me personally, its not. I'm struggling to get thru a rough time at work, lots of management upheavals. Some people shouldn't be in leadership roles.

Indeed CLynn. Never, ever would I do to you what you did to me. I wouldn't do what you did to me to a dog.

You destroyed one of the few things I had left after my dad. When you did that you also destroyed a dream of mine. You tried to make me choose between you n my friends.

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When you’ve been betrayed by someone close to you, it does change you in more ways than one. This is how the character would develop

When you realize you’ve been deeply betrayed, fear really hits you. That’s what you feel first. And then it’s anger and frustration. Then disappointment and disillusionment.

Disillusionment was a big theme in literature in the modern period. Disillusionment means is that you see the world as really happy or really sad not how the world really is.