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Cool Wooden Small Pet Cage Setup - I love how it gets wider at the bottom and creates more space for the pets to run around.

Great tips about making a ferret cage smell less :D

How to Make Your Ferret's Cage Smell Less

Nadine Dinsthler Ferrets can be smelly animals! But you are in luck. It is possible to alleviate that smell! I have two ferrets of my own. Two litters boxes in a 4 story cage. People come over all the time and comment, "Don't ferrets stink?

GREAT rat cage idea!! Boy do I wish I had a bigger house so I could give my rats a bigger house ! Come on lottery...ratties need a bigger house !

GREAT rat cage idea Boy do I wish I had a bigger house so I could use this as a ferret cage.

Happy Ferret <3

Adorable Small Pet Cage Setup - I love all the soft fleece toys. My chinchillas would love playing and sleeping in all of these. - here is where you can find that Perfect Gift for Friends and Family Members

Ferret Central. This is the most awesome cage ever

Ferret Central - Kicks would love this - wonder if i could make something similar on her cage

DIY Ferret Tunnel Wall... need to re think this one for my Python!!! clear tubes all over the house connecting her to a terrarium in each room?!?! HELL YES!

Ferrets need love too! In honor of National Pet Day, we bring you this wonderful DIY ferret tunnel wall!

Well look at that...a cage made out of a inexpensive metal shelving unit and hardware cloth!

Cool DIY cage for rats/ferrets made out of metal shelving unit and hardware cloth with a ball pit