Field hockey - field hockey problem

the girls I know that are good at hockey are good because they want to prove to the world that no sport is only for guys and it really ticks them off that some people think that is the case, hockey seems to be the worst for this.

Little Field Hockey Things

My field hockey coach hates when we chew on our mouth guards. She makes us run around the field 2 times when we do!

For all of the field hockey players out there.

16 Things All Field Hockey Players Understand

All the time. I'm so sorry to all my friends, but soccer comes first in my life!

Mon:practice Tues:practice Wed: practice Thurs: practice Fri:team bonding Me"oh I'm sorry I can't come" Friend"oh you have gymnastics" Me: "no" *why do people think I'm always busy*

because your hands are freezing and they just got checked

because your hands are freezing and they just got checked 😢 it's kinda embarrassing running to pick up your lax stick

Its really true. Hahahah Ohhh cheerleading problems!

Just field hockey girls toughness vs soccer guys toughness

OMG this SO TRUE! the boys are soooo endlessly dramatic, compared to the girls who get smacked in the face, girls take the pain. Boys act.