Every skater should know this so... YAAHHHHHSSSS!!!!

Figure Skating Glossary - Here are the names and descriptions of some figure skating jumps so you can sound like a pro.

5 Yoga Poses to Train Like a Champion.

Five prime yoga poses for skaters

5 Yoga Poses for Figure Skaters. You need balance on the ice! Figure skaters can use yoga exercises to help protect ankles and their stability, strengthen legs and improve core strength.

Fun Facts About Figure Skating [INFOGRAPHIC] #figure #skating

Fun Facts About Figure Skating [INFOGRAPHIC] Severly out dated now. Women are allowed cat suits and pants.

Ever heard of the "Triple Axel" jump in figure skating? YOU HEARD IT WRONG. It's an "Axel". Today's graphic explains.   Imgur link in case you'd like to share somewhere else: http://imgur.com/H4Ac9dW

Some figure skating knowledge on the hardest jump in the sport being laid down right here

Types of Figure Skating Turns - Diagram by Dr. Arthur Schneider

One Foot Figure Skating Turn Technique

I will be able to do this someday

A GIF Guide to Figure Skaters' Jumps at the Olympics

Triple Lutz: A GIF Guide to Figure Skaters' Jumps at the with GIF pictures

Gracie Gold..my daughter & I couldn't figure out why we knew the name & face. turns out Gracie and her sister started skating in Springfield, MO. where my daughter also took lessons!!!

Portrait of Team USA Gracie Gold during USOC Media Summit photo shoot at Grand Summit Hotel.

Ashton Figure Skating Leg Warmers. PDF pattern. Now available from www.bobbinhobnobbin.com, Ravelry & Craftsy.

The Ashton Figure Skating Leg Warmers are a must for any discerning skating enthusiast, guarenteed to keep you warm in the arena.