lanimalu:  Imagine Thorin singing lullabies for his nephews. ♥
The Hobbit.
The Line of Durin by UnicatStudio on DeviantArt
Thorin breaking up a fight with Fili, Kili, and some other Dwarves
Little Fili,Kili and Gimli <3 but is Dwalin standing guard?? They probably offered him some of the cookies xD
Schwarz und weiß auf Papphintergrund verwenden -> erzeugt Natürlichkeit
hobbit kili | hobbit-kili.jpg
Fan Art Friday – The Hobbit Fanart for your consumption because March 25 is…
Modern Fili & Kili by evankart.  i can imagine this happening to the actors in real life as well, Dean and Aidan, still in their wigs and makeup, just passed out from a day of filming, or just pretending to sleep to make the camera guy filming the behind the scenes footage laugh
Aww...big brother Fili helping his little brother...