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Chuck Norris and Nazi Germany

Everyone loves a good Chuck Norris meme. -- Chuck Norris was born on May Nazi Germany surrendered on May Coincidence?

Dragonarte 2013 - Todos os direitos reservados

Dragonarte 2013 >> I'm not even sure what this, I think Chuck Norris? But sweet mercy it made me laugh 😂

Chuck Norris

A smattering of Chuck Norris jokes. I'd add "Chuck Norris doesn't go hunting. Chuck Norris goes killing.

Chuck Norris, Legend !

10 Google Bombs That Will Live in Infamy

D. dalts

Link25 (047) - The Paranoid Prank Edition

chuck norris joke

The 23 Most Ridiculous Chuck Norris Memes Ever

Funny pictures about Near-Chuck Norris experience. Oh, and cool pics about Near-Chuck Norris experience. Also, Near-Chuck Norris experience.

chuck norris gmail account

s Email assault Email@ . chucks second email? Chuck just chuck no website or anything just chuck Chuck norris gmail s Email assault Email@ com chucks second email? just chuck no website or anything

Chuck Norris

Smashing faces into keybdnjidddvnjhgfklofdassfkloigrdcbjhgfbhgfcgg even in "old age" lol

Bad ol' Chuck

Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

i actually love the ring. and chuck norris jokes. but who doesn't love chuck norris jokes?

The Ultimate Chuck Norris Fact List More

The Ultimate Chuck Norris Fact List

The Ultimate Chuck Norris Fact List More

I don't usually find Chuck Norris jokes funny. but this one's pretty good...

Chuck Norris doesn't loose at rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors looses to Chuck Norris.