Southern Sudan: Dr. Atar

Sudan doctor risks all for border refugees

One doctor's refusal to abandon thousands of refugees in the border area between Sudan and the new nation of South Sudan has left him in great danger, says Martin Plaut.

Sometimes people running for their lives are able to get out with expensive things. What would you expect them to take with them?

The vicious ignorance of the immigrant descendants in this country of immigrants never surprises me, unfortunately.

5 mistakes liberals make about corporate personhood and Hobby Lobby - Vox

5 mistakes on corporate personhood & Hobby Lobby

Refugee Crisis--something that probably needs more research

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I find it odd that this song was hugely popular in the Evangelical culture, yet when the borders needed to be opened to help refugees, what'd they do?? Hired a guy to build a wall around our own neighbor.  And only ONE neighbor, not both.

What a great sign to put over the door as a reminder each time you leave the house! This song gives me hope every time I hear it!

Refugee Action Coalition

Refugee Action Coalition

The analogy sucks, letting refugees in isn't comparable to keeping you door unlocked, it's  comparable to helping that person who's  terrified for their lives in when something or someone want to kill them. If you are too stupid to know the difference between keeping people out who are a danger and letting someone in who is in danger, there's no hope for you.

By all means just leave your doors unlocked with a welcome sign in your front yard! See how fast that opinion changes.

...though we shouldn't have to ask!! It should just be done..Because It's The LAW ..ALREADY!!

Instead of kissing the fannies of those who came to this country in a less-than-legal manner.enforce our current laws. Come legally &'re leaving your old country for some reason.