The range of flatware forms is astounding. The fact that we have specifically created each of these for a purpose: soup, entree, steak, tea, and the list goes on.

I'm a fairfax Love vintage Gorham silver. Particularly Old Orange Blossom, buttercup, and lily patterns. Versailles, king edward, la scala are nice too. In other words the more ornate the better

45-Piece Napoleon Bee Flatware Service

Napolenic Bee Flatware-I love all things "Bee"and "Beehive"

Yamazaki Swivel 5 Piece Place Setting - Flatware & Silverware - Dining & Entertaining - Macys Bridal and Wedding Registry

How to Heat & Bend Silverware Into Jewelry

How to Heat Bend Silverware Into Jewelry Antique, solid silver spoons such as these can be transformed into charming jewelry.

How To Set the Modern Holiday Table

How To Set The Table: I had NO idea! A great guide for weddings, holiday tables, and modern formal gatherings.

two sets of these Crate and Barrel classic, less expensive than many of its competitors, would be the perfect end to our silverware drama forever! in my DREAMZz

Holiday table decoration idea you can make: DIY Burlap Silverware Pockets for your rustic themed wedding. Cutlery pouches, flatware holders, utensils pockets and palm leaf plates for rustic barn weddings, birthdays or outdoor parties