Setting Curls with Sponge Rollers


We're on double duty today! Here's how to get your big bouncy curls to last a lot longer! (I need to go back to basics, like the pink rollers)

Basic Foam Hair Rollers: for '40s-style curls; easiest way to give short- or mid-length hair an Old Hollywood look; use on barely-damp hair, then sleep on them overnight or set with a blow-dryer. Try: Hot Tools Foam Rollers, $2.49 for 6

The 12 Best Hair Rollers for Lazy-Girl Curls and Waves

Hair rollers are back, and they're the ultimate styling tool for lazy-girl, gorgeous waves and curls. Here's how to use hair rollers for your best, most low-maintenance hair day ever.

how to get the perfect loose curl using foam rollers. Mom use to put these in my hair all the time! I'm so getting some! So easy   # Pin++ for Pinterest #

how to get the perfect loose curl using foam rollers. OMG my mother made me sleep in these things when I was a kid. Not the best nights of sleep I ever had, but they DO curl your hair like nothing else.

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How to: HEATLESS Bombshell Curls! (Do hair wrap then curl--you can also do foam rollers or sock curls) / Outfit & Makeup (yellow dot tank top)

This is a technique mt Mom and her generation used in the 1930s but w/o the foam, called Rag Rollers? Nice results!

my hair setting invention! using scrap fabric for night time hair rollers :: straight talking mama

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