The Notorious Red Baron. Fokker DR-1 Tripane first seen in WWI.

The Red barons fokker triplane, where is Snoopy when you need him?

Fokker Dr1  Haumptmann Adolf von Tutschek in the cockpit of Fok. Dr.I 404/17 at Toulis, late February 1918.

Hauptmann Ritter von Tutschek victories) commanding Fighter Squadron No. in his Fokker triplane at Foulis near Laon.

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When i think of the Red Baron, Snoopy and pizza immediately come to mind. Even before the actual Red Baron.

1914 - 1918 The Great War Fokker DR-1 "Triplane"

1914 - 1918 The Great War Fokker "Triplane" 1914 - 1918 La Grande Guerre Fokker "Triplane"

Jasta Boelcke Fokker Dr.I Karl Bolle- Robert Karr

This 88 page book contains over 250 photos covering no less than 18 Jastas that operated the iconic Fokker Triplane over the Western Front.

Fokker DR1 Red Baron by Comradesoldat

Fokker DR1 Red Baron by Comradesoldat

Fokker DR1

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Fokker Dr.I, el Triplano del Barón Rojo, Manfred von Richthofen, as de la 1ª Guerra Mundial

Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen, flying ace of the First World War.