Jupe longue laine « Saisons Russes » ; jupe chaude ; jupe d'hiver ; Costume folklorique russe

Russian style woolen long skirt "Russian seasons" Russian national traditional costume- so beautiful!

Folk costume of Tuuteri, based on a dress from 1880 in the Ingrian region of Karelia and part of former Finland, today belonging to Russia

FolkCostume: Rekko costumes of the Karelian Isthmus and Ingria. Maybe we need to come up with the official folk costume for Madison's Isthmus. Of course today, it would need to include down and a balaclava.

lunacylover:  Polish costumes: Lublin folk costume (ŁANY Song and Dance Ensemble) || Strój lubelski (Zespół Pieśni i Tańca ŁANY)

lunacylover: Polish costumes: Lublin folk

svenskafolkdrater - Swedish national dress, from Kate Davies' blog 'Needled'

Nanny had something like this in the basement of her old house :-) Svenska Folkdräkter~ Swedish National Costumes

Bodice of the folk costume from Modlnica, Kraków... | Polish Folk Costumes / Polskie stroje ludowe

Bodice of the folk costume from Modlnica, Kraków

Polish Folk Costumes - Bodice of the folk costume from Modlnica, Kraków.

Europe | Portrait of a Norwegian bride in wearing a wedding dress traditional 15th Century style called "The Crowned Bride", Norway

Bridal Style! 10 Images Of Beautiful Brides From Different Cultures

A traditional Transylvanian outfit for Jitar, Goftul and Ivan. Costumes would be based on this, all dressed the same, but with differences. Maybe only one with the coat?

People from Răchițele, Poieni and Negreni, villages in Huedin zone in Vlădeasa Mountains (Roumanie), performing Colinde, winter custom originating in Roman Saturnalia (people going from home to home and singing good wishes to the owners)