yesterdays ford truck pics | 75 Ford 5000 Diesel w/original rubber and paint

75 Ford 5000 Diesel w/original rubber and paint discussion in the Ford forum at Yesterday's Tractors.

Old Ford tractor...40+ years ago I started to learn to drive on one just like this. I could even reach the pedals, I fell off and was run over, I ruptured the tire once and half the calcium ran out and almost rolled it over on top of me once. It's called, "Growing up" on the farm...

Old Ford tractor-I used to drive one just like this around our farm-long before I could drive a car :) farm life was the best!

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Complete restoration, starting with bare metal, primer & paint. SOS was completly rebuilt with new bands, clutches, o-rings and seals. Not a nickel and dime project. (Gene Sage from IA) - Yesterday's Tractors Gallery