The Frizzle chicken is an all round brilliant breed. They make wonderful pets, produce a reliable amount of eggs and make a delightful addition to any backyard flock! Check out their breed profile here, #loveyourchickens #infographic #frizzlechickens

Orpingtons are an all round fantastic chicken breed. They are nurturing mother hens, kind natured and love human interaction. Read more about this magnificent breed here, www.

Sizzle chick

Bantam white frizzle polish roo chick ♥ -- Frizzle is a mutation in the chicken in which the feathers grow so that they curve outward, instead of lying smoothly along the bird's body. It can occur in many breeds.

oh my goodness...this seriously tempts me to have chickens again

Funny pictures about Polish frizzle bantam chicken. Oh, and cool pics about Polish frizzle bantam chicken. Also, Polish frizzle bantam chicken.

Bantam Cochin Frizzled pullets

Frizzle Feathered Chickens, Divas of the Chicken World

Pink Frizzle Hen Chicken

Pink Frizzle Hen Chicken - if this is a real chicken theses are the kind I would want to raise -seriously a glamorous pink hen!

Silver-laced Polish Chicken posted by Michelle Cazares via

Polish Silver-Laced Chicken for a full blooded Polish girl! Who knew there were Polish chickens. And soooo beautiful!