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Whether you're headed to church camp or you've been there in the past, you've probably experienced most, if not all, of these moments. What has been your most embarrassing church camp experience

T Shirt Tote Bag | 15 Easy DIY Tie Dye Projects Ideas that will bring out your inner hippie!

16 Easy DIY Tie Dye Projects Ideas

Embrace your inner hippie by making some cool tie dye crafts. Whether you want a funky cushion for your room or you just fancy a new vest - these projects will

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Cute Homemade Superhero Costumes for Girls

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Fun wedding ideas.....DREW!! This is totally gonna be your wedding..

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The Rock 'n' Roll Home

I was hired by the home office in New York to photograph interiors of the new John Varvatos store inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

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The Kissing Game There's always that one guest who expects the newlyweds to kiss every time he or she clink a glass. And kissing on command gets old — fast. Why not make it more challenging? In a fishbowl, add tasks a guest can perform to get u to kiss. Some suggestions: Kiss your significant other.  Show off your best dance moves.  Tell us a joke & make us laugh.  Get your table to play duck-duck-goose w you.   The guest can either choose to perform the task or take a seat and try again…

WATCH: We REALLY Hope This Wedding Trend Catches On

Fun Wedding Reception Games: "The Kissing Game", in order for guests to get the newlyweds to kiss, they must first perform tasks drawn from a bowl, like kissing THEIR husband/wife or telling a funny joke