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Glitter Lights Socks I love socks! Not just any sock.really sporty socks. Socks with print, awesome socks,cool socks.Do you like cool socks!

$10. Solar Power to Ya Socks. When you need to pick up the space in the morning, turn to these cosmic socks! #black #modcloth

Fulfill Your Knees Unicorn Sock Set

in the morning, turn to these cosmic socks! Energizing your outfit with a geek-chic print of the solar system and sunny yellow trim, this pair rockets you towards a fun-fueled day.

Awesome Scrappy Socks (Tanis Fiber Arts) - if someone wants to get me these for Christmas I'll be happy

Possibly the world greatest socks

Awesome Scrappy Socks (Tanis Fiber Arts) - using two at once magic loop stash buster

Alien Abduction Crazy Novelty Animal Socks for Women

Alien Abduction Socks | Womens

We wish these crazy aliens would start abducting something other than cows first… we would love to have a juicy steak for our last meal on Earth. In this pair of awesome extraterrestrial socks, even i

Corgis: the cutest, fluffiest little ankle biters! Available on a crew length sock in Emerald or Black. Fits women's shoe size 5-10

Corgi Socks | Womens

If short legs, long torsos, hairy bodies and large ears get your heart pumping… look no further. You are corgi-ally invited to make your favorite furry friend a permanent home right on your feet for g

Significant Otter Fun Animal Novelty Socks for Women

Significant Otter Socks | Womens

You may know that otters hold hands when they eat, sleep and rest to prevent losing each other… but did you know how cute they look while doing so? Check out these colorful socks that show just how a

Keep your feet feeling fresh with this two-pair pack of watermelon socks, made from a stretchy blend of cotton.

If you are love lace and fishnet women socks, just check my etsy shop - unique women socks in my etsy shop,

We're not saying that choosing to read a book by yourself under a tree instead of hanging out with your friends makes you a nerd.. but if the sock fits.

Sup Nerd Socks | Womens

'Sup Nerd Socks, features a little kiddo reading a book about squirrels to some squirrels

Fir the Fun of It Socks, @ModCloth

Ideal Discovery Top in Fir

Looking for the perfect reason to flaunt these pine tree knee socks? We believe that the enjoyment of sporting this pair’s emerald, kelly, pistachio, wheat, and mist hues is justification enough!

S'More Where That Came From Socks

S'More Where That Came From Socks

Just when your pals thought they had all your style surprises figured out, you shock 'em with these black socks! Unexpectedly detailed with a motif of.