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Funny pictures about When a new Asian kid is announced. Oh, and cool pics about When a new Asian kid is announced. Also, When a new Asian kid is announced.

For Me Its Like How To Spell it  XD

Please stop giving your kids weird names or inventing spellings Aww but I like my name Yet no one can pronouce it first time

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Hahaha so sowwy

You surely don’t want to miss these insansely hilarious dank memes, you know why, because I am really smart that’s why, oops not that it is because they are pretty funny, just see for yoursel…

All of this is true.  Next time a telemarketer calls I'm going to use the little bit of Cantonese I know.  Hopefully he/she won't speak Cantonese...That would be awkward.

Actually I really like this style- it would be interesting to tell the story as a comic strip- even if we make videos, we could just pan over a comic strip with a voice over