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You know it's a bad neighborhood - when you see a bird with a ankle monitor carrying a knife

It's Okay...They're Birds - GIF

It's Okay...They're Birds

It's Okay.They're Birds - GIF So funny how they are all watching like it's a school yard fight, then rush over to the edge to see how it turned out! And the one that's all stout, then stretches out to see over without getting too close to the edge .

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Drawing stick figures arms on birds will be the most satisfying thing I’ll do today

Bower Birds Are Awesome - all species should follow suit

Bower Birds Are Awesome

Funny pictures about Bower Birds Are Awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Bower Birds Are Awesome. Also, Bower Birds Are Awesome photos.

Gimme fat booty

Gimme fat booty

While You Tie Your Shoelaces, I'll Steal Your Frying Pan - The Meta Picture

While You Tie Your Shoelaces, I’ll Steal Your Frying Pan