So true! I hate how everyone thinks cheer is a "girly" sport!! be appreciative!

I agree with you. Real workout with lot of commitment, focus, fun and strength is what you expect at cheer practice. I love the sport of cheer and who i have be

You have 5 seconds to run and hide! Don't talk about my SPORT that way!

literally, you can say anything and I'm like "okay" but the minute you say cheerleading isn't a sport, is the minute you will get attacked by an angry mob of cheerleaders.


It's funny to see cheer girls play soccer lol Jaydan C and Alexa L we laugh all the time

This was from a swimming page but I think it goes for this to

So I asked a few people . What are you doing to make a change? As a result I have some new people join me on this amazing journey and as at this Moment its FREE what did they have to loose?