There just might be a new beau in your life when you try out this adorable Hair Bow Tutorial! Find the full tutorial on the LuLu*s blog now!

Lulus How-To: Hair Bow Tutorial

Hermosos peinados para niñas que no te puede perder

+40 Peinados para niñas fáciles y rápidos, tutos paso a paso 2017

funny hairstyles.... I'm not even quite sure what to pin this under, but it made me laugh soooooo hard..... maybe too hard.....

I woke up to an accidental hair sculpture this morning. But nothing as cool as Nagi Noda's animal hats! They're such beautiful and bizarre creations. {Images via Design For Mankind by Nagi Noda}

Wella Trend Vision 2013 Fusion by Vicky Tadros

❤️ Redhead beauty❤️ Wella Trend Vision 2013 Fusion by Vicky Tadros

Funny Hair Vol III: 19 Bad Hairstyles of the Worst & Stupid  This is hilarious. People are ridiculous.

Funny Hair Vol III: 19 Bad Hairstyles of the Worst & Stupid

Avant Garde hair.

A long straight brunette swept into orange curled Saturn ring quirky avant garde hairstyle.

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Anemona By Mayte Garrote

This is how I want to dress everyday. This with dark lipstick and booties.

Don't know how I feel about this outfit, but the middle clasp broke on this dress so I needed to work with what I have.

SO funny! What your daughter's morning hairstyle says about you. This made me laugh so hard. I am terrible at hair!

What Your Daughter's Morning Hairstyle Says About You

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 26 Pics

Before fibro, I used to keep my hair in a short cute pixie cut. I colored it and often had highlights done. After fibro, I'm too tired to fix it, so now it's long (down to my butt) with a lot of gray. I hate my hair long, but I don't have to fix it anymor

arnostyle: French stylist Arnaud Prevost

Had to go with tar face makeup since the hair creation wasn't a bizarre enough statement by itself