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Mexican word of the day: ice mocha. I have a bad memory because ice mocha lot of weed.

10 Signs You Grew Up With A Mexican Mom

12 Memes You'll Understand If You Have A Mexican Mom

Todo cabe en un jarrito... Sabiendolo acomodar... ;)

37 Tweets That Mexicans Would Understand

Mexicans be like..... i want that shirt!

Relax Gringo t-shirt. I have so many relatives who need this shirt! I can't stop laughing!

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62 entries are tagged with mexican word of the day jokes. Mexican word of the day "Irish" I blew out my birthday candles and Irish I won the lottery.

Mexican joke, haha...Judo know nothinnnnn

You don't want to mess with me , I know Mexican judo . Judo know if I got a gun , knife , know .

Cuz it's boring being in a restaurant with ur parents

37 Tweets That Mexicans Would Understand

Mexicans we are & we dont give a Fuck!!!Que no??

I'm Spanish, so not exactly a Hispanic, but I grew up with Hispanic culture. So funny cause it's true. The hanging pan racks we have never get used for the pans. They go in the oven where they belong.

Racial Self- I am used to eating tacos due to where I am from. My grandmother sold tacos in Mexico for a living. She made me used to tacos. Tacos are life.

You understand, now?

Authentic crunchy bean tacos are my fav! But I like the "North American" tacos, too!