Join - the global place for architecture students.~~Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award 2014

Called "Tree Hopper", the winning project of the Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award presents a mixed structure - built around a tree. Through a spiral staircase, visitors can access the comfortable accommodations that resemble a futuristic beehive.

Futuristic Flower Tower

City in the Sky: Futuristic Flower Towers Soar Above Modern Metropolises megatropolis city in the sky hrama – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

architectureus: “high trestle bridge ”

High Trestle Trail Bridge, Madrid, Iowa: Arching over the decking are 43 steel "cribbings," each lined with blue LED strips that come on at night—creating a must-see journey along the trail after dark. Walk through them, and you are bathed in the fluoresc