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Good example of large water feature in an alpine setting done well. Stones and boulders should be of the same rock type/color and weathering, and be planted in such a way as to suggest they are the weathered portion of a massive formation just below.

How to Build ....

How to Build a Backyard Pond Waterfall

The sound of running water is soothing and can add tranquility to any landscape. You can either pair a landscape waterfall with a pond or create one without a pond. These instructions describe how to design and build a waterfall without a pond.

Pondless waterfall

So, for all of you who are looking to incorporate a waterfall in your garden, we will share with you a beautiful collection of Magnificent Garden Waterfalls That Will Steal The Show.

Boxy Beauty

76 Backyard and Garden Waterfall Ideas

Tires Take Two

76 Backyard and Garden Waterfall Ideas

Waterfall Garden Park in Pioneer Square

Waterfall Garden Park - near Pioneer Square, Seattle - located at the UPS original headquarters site.

Water--Nature Inspired Waterfall

Choosing Water Feature Materials

Love this waterfall with the wide areas for the water to fall! Advice for choosing materials for water features. Choose reclaimed/upcycled materials, but if they deteriorate, it's not worth it!

How To Build A Garden Waterfall Pond | DIY Tag

A waterfall pond adds a lot value to your garden, as you garden becomes live with this lovely feature. You can learn how to build a waterfall garden pond.

Fairy Garden Waterfall made by Jen Ulasiewicz

Fairy Garden Waterfall made by Jen Ulasiewicz - On Tuesday: Snowfall just stopped. Sun coming out - My Gardening Space


Backyard or front yard landscaping ideas that include water features create fabulous outdoor living spaces, improve curb appeal and increase home values. Water features are great for outdoor home deco

The ultimate water feature guide - Telegraph

The ultimate water feature guide - Telegraph

Slabs with water fountain

Creative water features water feature a large rock in a pondless water feature - Compost Rules.