Redwine. Black Hanoverian Stallion by Rotspon standing at Gray Fox Farm.

what a horse! Redwine -Hanoverian Stallion, my dream hunter, black w/ white stockings and blaze!

Alles über Gelderländer | #pferd #portrait #infos #fakten #steckbrief

Alles über Gelderländer | #pferd #portrait #infos #fakten #steckbrief

Dutch harness horse. A refined, high-stepping warmblood type of fine driving horse developed in the Netherlands.

A refined, high-stepping warmblood type of fine driving horse developed in the Netherlands.

Gelderlander stallion Bazuin. Gelderlanders are from Gelderland, Netherlands. They were created by crossing local mares with imported stallions like Andalusian, Norfolk Roadsters and Neapolitans. Later also Oldenburgs, Hackneys and TB's were crossed. The modern Gelderlander is a showy driving horse with powerful trot and also a good jumper. They're usually chestnuts with lots of white on legs and head but can also be bay, black or gray. Also few tobianos exist.

The Gelderlander stallion Bazuin. This is a Dutch breed used for driving and jumping.

dutch harness horses | Takes clients from all major cities within North Carolina

Dutch Harness Horse, a warmblood type of fine driving horse that has been developed in the Netherlands since the end of World War II. My Lily is They cross GREAT with Arabians

Dutch Harness Horse stallion Crescendo HBC. DHH, also known as Tuigpaard is a part of KWPN studbook. Its ancestors are the local Gelderlanders and Groningers but instead of being top-quality riding horses, they're bred to be top-quality harness horses. They have flashy movements and elegant conformation. Black, bay and chestnut are the most common colors, often with sabino markings, but there are also grays, roans, cream dilutes, and some very rare tobianos.

Dutch harness horse, or Tuigpaard. A large, high stepping, refined driving horse of the Netherlands. Strict selection by the KWPN results in as fine a warmblood for driving as KWPN warmbloods are for sport riding.

black - Dutch Harness Horse stallion Delviro HBC

Tuigpaard, or Dutch harness horse stallion, Delviro. Large-boned, high stepping, elegant - the breed is strictly selected and regulated by the same KWPN organization that regulates the international superstar KWPN sport horse.

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