OH MY GOSH! I just thought about this. You know how Kid is always complaining about the girls being different "sizes"? And then it's a genderbend, so... well, that's awkward...

Gender swap : soul eater Death the Kid, Liz, and Patty

Genderbemt Jiraiya

Jiraya from Naruto genderbender

I adopted togami<<< Well, if we're playing THAT game, I'll adopt my own Yandere Killer! I'll adopt Fukawa!

Dangan Ronpa Genderbender I could totally date Enosima and Hukawa.

I love this. He's like telling his female self to cover up, you're too young for that xD

Zerochan has 31 Sasuko anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, and many more in its gallery. Sasuko is a character from Uchiha Sasuke.

maka albarn gender bender - Google Search

This is my favorite Maka genderbend so far :)

Kuruko No Basuke Genderbent! <3 <3 Kuruko looks so cute

Kuroko no Basket genderbend I love KnB genderbends

Switched genders, Avengers version...all the girls' boobs are too big, but otherwise, this is awesome. Can I steal agent Romanoff?

Female Avengers

Gender-bent Avengers - --- ok, this is really cool, but one thing (and maybe it's just the style of drawing) bugs me. Thor and Loki, and then Agent Romanoff would not be showing that much skin.

I really love this one! such good art and what I think kaneki would actually look like!

Female Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) - both white hair and eyepatch. I'm probably going to cosplay Eyepatch Ken because I feel it'll be easier to assemble than the white haired version.

...although female Rin is sexy as fuuu, I don't think I would've liked this series as much if it was like this. It'd be like watching RWBY all over again! *shudders*

Ao no Exorcist ~ Rin Okumura (genderbend) by Tekla (on Pixiv)

Imagine how different the story would be if Ichigo was a girl and Rukia a guy. Just imagine.

Kuchiki Rukia & Kurosaki Ichigo genderbender O.

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니폐·にぴえ🌺 on

I find naruto attractive even in his female avatar!

I'm so fucking pissed right now, it's making me sick. This picture is a pretty good representation of how I feel right now...

Mirai Nikki, Pixiv, Gasai Yuno genderbend he looks so pretty

hinata shouyou genderbend - Google Search

hinata shouyou genderbend This one is actually awesome

Haha Tsunade and Jiraiya genderbend! I wonder if female Jiraiya is still pervy?

Genderbend Jiraiya and Tsunade - Naruto

I don't normally like genderbending but tokyo ghoul would be nice

Touka and Kaneki genderbends

"Uchiha Sasuke" "Uzumaki Naruko"

Naruto x sasuke genderbend female