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Corona Beer Cake Más The Birthday is coming but you still don't know what to give to birthday man? I can to help you out this question what to give your boyfriend for birthday

This was my (well my boyfriend's) version of the magnetic makeup board. I didn't have a frame, metal sheets, a way to cut them or anything else. My smart boyfriend suggested using these metal letters. Once I discovered they were half price at Hobby Lobby I was sold!  Here was the end result!  Loved the idea and am enjoying this more personalized version!!  Thanks to my hero!!

Maximizing space is important in any home. But, making a tiny bathroom feel bigger can change the way you feel about your house!

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article about list of handmade DIY birthday card ideas design for best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, dad, mom and how to make cards step by step complete

While you may have been celebrating Valentine's day as a couple, why not involve your kids too this time? Check out 10 creative valentine's crafts for kids.

25 Creative Valentine's Crafts For Kids

Scratch Off Hearts | DIY Valentines Cards for Him | DIY Valentines Cards for Boyfriends

23 DIY Valentines Cards For Him

When it comes to Valentine's day gifts, you really have to be unique and your gift has to express your love to the one you give it to. It doesn't necessarily have to be super expensive. In fact, sometimes cheap self-made gifts are more meaningful to the r

DIY Fabulous Heart Bag Herz herzchen Valentinstag Valentine Geschenk für Partner Sschatz Liebling Freund

DIY Fabulous Heart Bag (I think I will do the same technique with green on a leaf pattern) This could be a cute kid project using finger prints instead of the eraser.


DIY idea: album in a box. This would b a really sweet gift idea for a loved one!

Love you, Birthday Boy!

Messages for the Man I Love

A poem for my husband on his birthday....he deserves so much more...:

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! A poem for my husband on his birthday.he deserves so much more.

Wouldn't this be cute for Primary Birthdays, YW Birthdays, etc?

DIY Cake Shaped Gift Boxes

Innovative DIY birthday gift ideas are beautiful. These DIY gifts are super easy and affordable — plus, you'll score bonus points.