Just knew my babies would be born looking like this... No such luck :(.. Maybe my grandbabies???

Why Everybody's Wrong About Gingers

Why Everybody's Wrong About Gingers. Gingers are awesome and special and you're probably just jealous. So funny! Love this baby with ginger Elvis hair!

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Okay, I've been afraid to have a red headed baby. But I would be happy with a cute red headed baby like this one.

@Lora Blount.  Ginger babies.   thought of you, couldn't help it!!!!

"It's great having red hair as a kid because I have something to blame my temper on.

This onesie that says, “I’m new here.” | 19 Adorable Outfits To Bring Your Newborn Baby Home In

This onesie that says,

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#35. It's a ginger thing when you don't understand why someone wouldn't want a ginger baby  for-redheads.tumblr.com  (  everythingginger.tumblr.com )

I would love a finger child just as much as a blonde, Brown or black haired baby. But there's just something so mysterious about those gingers 😍

Always wanted one. Would someone please give me a redheaded grandchild? Pleeeease?

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Red hair is considered a genetic mutation. Both parents must be carriers of the mutated gene to be able to produce redheaded offspring, of which there is a chance if they don't have red hair themselves.

V project - Redheads.   Red hair and brown eyes...and probably the same funny personality as your baby girl will have! LOL! So cute!

V project - Redheads. Red hair and brown eyes.and probably the same funny personality as your baby girl will have!

Soulless Ginger Baby bodysuit Redhead by OVELO on Etsy, $15.99

Soulless Ginger Baby bodysuit Redhead

@arose993311 found this and thinks it resembles Finnick's son. The baby's…

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