Gipsy Danger (White)

‘Gipsy Danger (White)’ Samsung Galaxy Case/Skin by Olipop

Gipsy Danger by on @deviantART

Gipsy Danger designed by the-hary - posted under Digital Art tagged with: Drawings, Fan Art, Movies & TV, Robots, Sci-Fi by Fribly Editorial

pacific rim cosplay | Holy $#&! Pacific Rim Cosplay! The only feminine Gipsy Danger Jaeger.

Holy $#&! Pacific Rim Cosplay!

Pacific Rim! This movie was made into a comic, so it can be allowed here. Jaegers and Kaijus... who doesn't want to see that?

'Pacific Rim' posters: Meet the giant robot monsters

The studio just released this new character poster featuring the Gipsy Danger from the upcoming sci-fi film "Pacific Rim" by director Guillermo del Toro (H