The relationship a girl shares with her dog is indescribably special. It’s a wonderful, furever kinda love. And as a girl, with a dog, I’m always looking for ways that’ll capture my relationship through art and design. Poking around the interweb, I found an entire subset of “A Girl and Her Dog” collectibles that are AMAZING! You’re going to want every single one of these.

19 Works Of Art That Perfectly Capture The Love Between A Girl And Her Dog

Dog Watercolor - PRINT, Woman and Dog Painting, Afternoon Nap, Dog Illustration

kiss him :*

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Girl and husky

A guy tried to tell me one time that women don't understand the connection men have with their dogs. Strongest bond I've ever felt. Strongest bond Ive ever felt.

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puppy love

Such a sweet photo. Captures the love of a fur mom for her fur baby perfectly.