HA! Did not know there were more verses to the Make New Friends song. I'd be willing to add a second verse (ending 4th stanza) but no more. Cute! #GirlScouts #Daisy #Brownie

Make New Friends Free Printable Girl Scouts. One of the most popular girl scout songs that all girl scouts should learn.

Funny New Song -- Twelve Girl Scout Meeting -- Free printable From MakingFriends.com

MakingFriends Girl Scout Song Sheets Print words to a fun Girl Scout that is sung to the tune of "Twelve Days of Christmas" but is appropriate the whole year through.

The Banana Song - Girl Scout Song with Lyrics

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i have something in my pocket brownie song - Bing Images

Audio and lyrics for "Brownie Smile Song", recorded for instructional purposes as part of the Basic 8 Girl Scout Songs Project 2012

Princess Pat - Girl Scout Song with Lyrics

Princess Pat - Girl Scout Song with Lyrics I remember this one! Gosh, my elementary years are coming back :)

Make a Girl Scout Song Book. Make a song book and share it at your next event. Perfect for Cadette Girl Scout Ways badge. Free printable available at MakingFriends.com

MakingFriends Girl Scout Songbook Cover Sheet Print this cover for your troop song book. Girls can color in the fun "Bedrock style" font.

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MakingFriends Girl Scout Song Sheets Lyrics and actions for Girl Scout song "If You are a Leader and You Know It.