Google Art Project - virtual field trips to art museums across the world

Google Art Project: Virtual Museum Trips to Art Museums

Virtual Museum Trips to Art Museums around the World. Visit 150 museum collections in 40 countries - walk through the galleries, or examine art extremely close-up!

Idea: Use the Google Art Project to select a work of art. Briefly give the students some info, about the art and use as a writing or sketching prompt--good way to sneak in some art history and pique their interest at the beginning of class

Art History Sketchbook Prompts: Set #2

My first set of Art History Sketchbook Prompts have been popular and I recently made a second set with all different artists and prompts. This new set has 16 NEW art history prompts! pet, metal, lixeira                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - A Collection Of Images For Recycling Ideas

instead of trash cans, could be used as as tomato cage /warmer to protect my seedlings from squirrels and keep them warm etc? ==Plastic bottle trash cans!Can't find an original link

A google maps tour of the White House.  I love all the neat things like this Google is doing.  How interesting would this, or the museum tours, have been in grade school.

Google Street View Takes a Virtual Tour of the White House

Grandparents Scrapbook Album | family-tree-kids-craft-march-2010-susan-weinroth_width400.jpg

A great way to teach your children about family trees and family history - craft your own family tree. There are lots of ideas here.