this is so pretty and I got Arielll. cx                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Which punk disney princess are YOU?

I got: Ariel ! Which punk disney princess are YOU? You are romantic at heart and will do anything for the ones you love, but you are also very independent! You're cool and awesome but a bit awkward. All in all you have a good personality good for you!

Disney punked out. What great films these princesses would all make dressed like this

I wasnt going to pin this but then I realized Milan was wearing an A Day to Remember shirt and Rapunzel has a Slipknot shirt I almost died

gothic disney princess | little mermaid punk princess goth bad princess

love disney piercings tattoos pierce the veil the little mermaid ariel self harm cutting Eric ptv punk disney Alternative Disney Ariel and Eric a match into water Goth Disney