Gatto Nero Katzenkunst

Gatto Nero Katzenkunst

when i was young i was gothic - Recherche Google

Chad Heger - Victorian or Edwardian styled gothic - goth men(Best Eyeliner For Contacts)

see? i keep telling people, this is actually how most Gothic people act. we Goths are a happy folk, we just also like dark things :)

She's a true goth actually. Most real goths that I've run into just like the style. They aren't mopey, rude, or emo at all.

Katerina Goth - Katerina gothic fashion

Like the WGT by BlackMart Ph: Stanislav Alexashin Md: Katherine Baumgertner Dress: Katherine Baumgertner Photoplanair by Delirium

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"Girly Goth Up Tree. Points for being clearly up-tree, considering the angle to the ground. More points for being blessedly free of cheery smile -- perhaps she's contemplating the rising moon. Though it's not night, the atmospheric murk is quite lovely.

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