I'd never eat it, but damn! ain't it pretty! Octopus a la plancha with Garlic Purée & Miso-Squid Ink Sauce
Light Herb Jelly - No Sugar Needed Pectin - Fresh basil, mint, thyme or sage combined with unsweetened fruit juices create tasty herb jellies that will gel with little or no added sweetener. No Sugar Needed Fruit Pectin lets you control the type and/or quantity of sweetener in fruit spreads. Make fruit spreads with no added sweetener, sugar replacements like SPLENDA®  No Calorie Sweetener, or small quantities of granulated sugar. Follow directions carefully!
Sea Bass http://www.braxtedparkcookery.co.uk/cookery-school-course-list.cfm?id=107
Alain Ducasse, the chef and the restaurant of the same name at London's The Dorchester, share numerous Michelin stars between them.
deer | parsley root | purple carrot | cocoa jus
Dominic Davies for Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck. Stunning food photography
Rémy Escale Benedeyt, chef étoilé du restaurant le Zoko Moko : « Je suis un interprète de la cuisine traditionnelle. » (c) Zoko Moko
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Sous-Vide Octopus w/Corona Beans, Chorizo & Sherry-Smoked paprika Vinaigrette. Just received my Sous-Vide TODAY!!!! Can.not.wait
French Fine Dining Food Picture - Bing Images
Alain Ducasse
gourmet food presentation - Google Search
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This roast turbot recipe from Robert Thompson will be sure to impress the most ardent of foodies.