Firnen by on @DeviantArt

Firnen by TatianaMakeeva This is very much like Rollm, the young dragon protégé of Sedgewick, very much like a younger Gralen.


A Gallery of Original Dragons that Rules

Green Crystal Dragon by sandara on DeviantArt (detail)

Green Crystal Dragon by sandara on DeviantArt (detail) / mythical creature / monster / fantasy

Dragon Avenger by Paul Youll

green_dragon by Paul Youll --love this artwork! And this dragon! In my opinion, if you like dragons and like reading read the Age of Fire" books, which this picture is the cover art for!

Soaring Dragons

Female Tree-Warrior of the Tribe of Lurking Shadows. 31 years old. Wary, cautious, and usually takes the safe side of things. She doesn't like surprises and likes to keep a watchful eye out. Rp by me.